Izvestia, August 20, 1999, p.1

This was reported by Deputy Interior Minister Igor Zubov at his press conference. According to him, many commandos who occupy several settlements of the Botlikh region are now shaving off their beards and trying to penetrate deep into the territory of Dagestan. The federal forces are to search through the territory of the mountain regions and the inhabited sector of towns and settlements. For the successful accomplishment of this operation the special forces, the forces of the Interior Ministry and the Ministry of Defense as well as detachments of special police forces are being moved to Dagestan. Meanwhile, during the last 24 hours 18 officers of the federal forces were killed in the course of military operations in Dagestan.


Izvestia, August 20, 1999, p.1

The scandals around the Central Bank, offshore company FIMACO which was in charge of its resources, and IMF’s credits to Russia have hardly died down when another scandal emerged in the West. Billions of dollars, “Russian Mafia”, Western group of military forces, guns and drugs, Yugoslavia, Iran, Iraq, CIA, FBI are involved in the affair which was recently discovered by the “New York Times”. This time Bank of New York, one of the largest banks of the world, became the focus of the public attention.

The whole of the Russian political system may change greatly in a year. Scandals of this kind can hardly be explained by “inner” dealings of Russian politicians and oligarchs alone. Now, as a result of the article in the “New York Times”, the main participants of politico-financial games are warned that it is not enough to transfer their money abroad to secure peace in old age. There is no bank secret, at least for the “Russian Mafia” which was many times exposed and “glorified” in the Hollywood movies, and which can so easily be said to include any Russian politician or businessman.

On Wednesday a representative of the Bank of New York announced dismissal for the period of investigation of two of its employees. As the bank’s statement runs, both of them occupied relatively high posts in the West-European branch of the bank. Besides, they are married to Russian businessmen one of whom, as the investigators suppose, was in control of the operations with the account through which the money was transferred. The investigators are already interrogating Natasha Garfinkel-Kagalovskaya (who had worked mostly in the New York branch of the bank) and Lucy Edwards (the London branch).

An official of the State Department of the US stated in his interview with the “New York Times”: “We are dealing with the penetration of Russian criminals into one of the biggest American financial organizations.”

The investigating agencies connect accounts in the Bank of New York and other organizations which came into sight of the authorities with Semen Mogilevich, the person who is considered to be the key figure of the Russian criminal structure in the US. According to the information of American and European investigating agencies, Mogilevich is involved into many criminal operations, from arms trading to organization of prostitution.


Moskovsky Komsomolets, August 20, 1999, p.1

Investigator of Cases of Special Significance of the Office of General Prosecutor Nikolai Volkov can be sent to Switzerland in the near future. This is connected with the Berezovsky’s case which caused putting arrest on his Swiss accounts. “Moskovsky Komsomolets” tried to make out what the matter is.

“What is all this fuss about?” – said Nikolai Volkov in his interview with “MK”. “We must not make a political figure out of Berezovsky. The case of the Andava firm is purely criminal, Berezovsky is involved in it as a suspected person. There is no state policy in the washing of money abroad.” In answer to “MK”‘s question what accounts are referred to by the media Volkov remarked that here Andava’s accounts according to its documentation are meant. This documentation must include BAB personal accounts and if it is so he will have to answer the questions of Tax Police.

As for Switzerland, Volkov is going to visit it in September. Berezovsky’s lawyers have already appealed to the Swiss court as regards a number of his accounts. The Swiss Prosecutor’s Office has no right to publicize these appeals before they are examined by the court.


Russian Television, Vesti, August 19, 1999, 20:00

The deputy interior minister informed that the Ministry has an information about the preparations of the Chechen terrorists to terrorist acts in Russian settlements. Igor Zubov warns that “terrorist acts within Russia will change our attitude towards Chechnya”.


Russian Television, Vesti, August 19, 1999, 20:00

Yury Chaika, who was recently appointed justice minister was represented today to the staff of the ministry. Yury Chaika is well-known in that sphere because previously he worked in the General Prosecutor” Office. He promised that the Justice Ministry will work within the framework of the law and without any political partiality.


Russian Television, Vesti, August 19, 1999, 20:00

During his trip to the capitals of the G8 Presidential Envoy for the Relations with the G8 pursues a few goals: to prepare the next summit of the G8 in Japan (it will take place in July, 2000), to hold consultations on urgent issues (the situation in the Balkans, for example), and explain the situation in Russia.

Alexander Livshits: No one is satisfied with the situation. But we must admit that we reached an agreement with the International Monetary Fund and we reached the first of the two agreements with the London club of creditors. Nobody declared Russia bankrupt and this threat was postponed. The budget is being fulfilled almost by 100%. This is another situation. The economic situation in Russia is more predictable that the political life. We are discussing the draft of the budget 2000.