Russian Electronic Media Archive

It consists of two parts – the Tape Archive storing the recordings of Russian television and radio broadcasts, and the Archive of broadcast transcripts.

The Tape Archive

Contains video and audio recordings of Russian television and radio broadcasts. TV channels, radio stations and periods of keeping the tapes are listed below:

Going in-depth

What made the news in Russia last year, or five years ago? If you seek past articles from a Russian media source and have problems finding the material online, contacting WPS might be the best option. We can do research for inquirers.
Students and professional researchers alike will find our archives to be an incredibly valuable resource.

Russian TV Channels
broadcasts of these channels are recorded in full (tapes are kept for 2 months) broadcasts on these channels are recorded only to order
· Channel 1
· Rossia
· Vesti 24
· Channel 3
· 5th Channel, St.Petersburg (news only)
· Kultura
· Sport
· Stolitsa (news only)
· 7TV
· Russia Today
· Domashniy
· Мuz TV
· NTV + Eurosport
· NTV + Sport
· НТВ + Sport on-line
· НТВ + Tennis
· NTV + Football
· Russia Today
· TV 3
· Zvezda
· Hotbird Satelite
· Other NTV+ Channels
Russian Radio Stations
broadcasts of these stations are recorded in full (tapes are kept for 5 days) broadcasts on these stations are recorded only to order
· Mayak
· Mayak-24
· Echo of Moscow
· Govorit Moskva
· Radio Rossia
· Radio Podmoskovia
· Militseiskaya volna
· Narodnoe Radio
· Business FM
· City FM
· Russkaya Sluzhba Novostei
· Yunost
· Other FM radio stations

Broadcast Transcripts Archive

Contains full Russian transcripts of all aired political and business news programmes, magazines and talk shows, televised interviews and speeches of Russian political figures since 2001.
The earlier period, 1992 to 2000, is represented by the back issues of our bulletins TV and Radio Monitor: Politics and TV and Radio Monitor: Economy. Included in this bulletin are the most important political and economic news items and interviews selected from the general information flow.

How to order backsearch

To fulfill your backsearch order, we should know your topic or keywords, the scope of media sources, the search period and how you would like the search results to be formatted and delivered to you. Please fill in this formBroadcast monitoring request form and we will contact you to discuss the details.

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