Georgian secret services are suspected capable of organization of terrorist acts in Russia.

All police stations throughout the country were alerted to the threat of terrorist acts. What information is available indicates that it is terrorists from Georgian radical patriotic groups that threaten the capital of Russia now, not Islamic gunmen or bombers.

Seething over recognition of Abkhazia and South Ossetia as sovereign states, Tbilisi must have decided to resort to acts of sabotage and subversive actions. A wired auto went off in the capital of South Ossetia on October 3, killing nine peacekeepers including Chief-of-Staff Colonel Ivan Petrik. A team of builders came under deliberate automatic rifle fire two days later (one of them was killed). Law enforcement agencies are convinced that both crimes were planned and carried out by Georgian secret services.

Judging by the documents this newspaper happened to lay hands on, terrorist war may spear into Russia now and reach Moscow.

“Organized Crime Department of the Internal Affairs Directorate of the Eastern District (Moscow) possesses information that some so far unidentified persons from the Caucasus including radical representatives of the Georgian Patriots organization plan to organize a number of terrorist acts on the territory of the Russian Federation, some of them in Moscow,” the cable dispatched to police stations read.

What was this about Georgian Patriots? What are they? This name has never surfaced yet. On the other hand, the organization could be established after certain events this August.

Here is an excerpt from another cable. “What information is available indicates that Georgian secret services prepare explosions in tenements in St.Petersburg and Sochi. These terrorist acts are to be carried out by refugees from Abkhazia living in these cities. Components of explosive devices will be smuggled to them in October 2008.”

It means that the mysterious Georgian “patriots” are actually secret services of this country, emulating Islamic terrorists. Law enforcement agencies have reasons to believe that bombers will be used in these terrorist acts. Moreover, terrorists have planned something new for the capital of Russia, namely massacres in central Moscow.

Izvestia called Press Service of the Moscow Police Force for comments. Existence of the threat of Georgian terrorism was not confirmed, but that is hardly surprising. It was probably done to forestall panic. What the Press Service did confirm was that a major counter-terrorism campaign was under way in Moscow.

“All police services are involved,” a source said. “Everything will be done to prevent terrorist acts.”