Major-General Vladimir Vasilenko, chief of the 4th research institute of the Defense Ministry, continues making important statements concerning modernization of the Russian strategic nuclear force. He said that the deployment of mobile and naval missile complexes must become important moves in the development of the strategic nuclear force.

To all appearances, it’s no coincidence that the general makes such important pubic statements. Russia needs to prove the absurdity of the Pentagon’s plans to deploy its anti-ballistic system.

Vasilenko states that Russia needs to improve its strategic nuclear force based on the characteristics of anti-ballistic systems. He noted that the analysis of information from open sources shows that Russia will not need to spend a lot of money in order to be able to parry the threats posed by the US anti-ballistic system.

However, the general thinks that Russia needs to make investment in the development of the strategic missile force. He said, “We will need to improve the quality of the strategic nuclear force and increase its ability to break through anti-ballistic systems. We will need to improve operational and tactical characteristics of reconnaissance and control systems.”

He noted that the evolution of the structure of the strategic nuclear force must be aimed at ensuring its reliability and ability to prevent aggressors from unleashing a war on Russia. The expert noted that the history of the nuclear rivalry between the SR and the S testifies that anti-missile system have asymmetric responses.

Vasilenko said, “As a rule, the sides improved their weapons, which did not necessitate making substantial investment.” This is why enemies modernized their offensive weapons before anti-ballistic measures developed.

This can be applied to the Topol-M ground-based mobile complexes and the Bulava 30 naval missile complexes.

Vasilenko noted that the strength of the Russian strategic nuclear force and the s nuclear arsenals will be cut to 2,200 units by December 31.

Vasilenko said, “The priority task for Russia is to deploy new strategic missile complexes. We will focus on creating mobile complexes and naval complexes.”

Vladmir Popov, a member of the Academy of Military Science, said that Vasilenko made this statement on the eve of the G-8 summit. It must show the US and Europe that Russia remains a strong nuclear power. The deployment of elements of the US anti-missile system in Europe will be parried by Russia’s asymmetric moves. Another aspect of the statements made by the chief of the 4th research institute is linked with the Ukrainian defense minister’s plans to revive the missile force in the Ukrainian Army. Popov said, “Ukrainian missiles could pose a threat to Russia. It’s possible that the Defense Ministry intends to use mobile and naval missile complexes in order to parry this threat.”

In other words, the Russian Defense Ministry again demonstrates its intention to strengthen its nuclear and missile potential. Military experts make important political statements. It’s easy to guess that if Russia’s relations with NATO and the US aggravate the Russian Army will turn into a realistic containment factor.