The Defense Ministry published statistical reports about the crime and death rates in the Army on its official website. The ministry stated that 98 people perished in June 2005. The ministry states that 445 servicemen perished as a result of suicides, accidents and crimes. This means that on average the Russian Army lost 74 servicemen a month in 2005. At the same time, the number of servicemen who perish in Chechnya goes down. Defense Minister Sergei Ivanov stated that 51 servicemen perished in the republic during six months of 2005.

The minister stated, “Losses have decreased by 30% in comparison with the corresponding period of last year (88 people).” In fact, losses in Chechnya go down. The Defense Ministry reports that two servicemen perished in Chechnya in June; two servicemen are missing. Ten servicemen perished in May. In all, over 3,400 servicemen of the Armed Forces have perished during the anti-terrorist operation in Chechnya since 1999.

There are no reports about losses of the Interior Ministry, the Interior Troops, the FSB and other security structures. At present, the majority of victims are servicemen of the Interior Ministry and the Interior Troops. Oleg Khotin, head of the interim police group in Chechnya, stated in October 22, 2004, that 532 policemen were killed and injured in the republic during nine months of last year. This means that 59 policemen perished in action every month. No one knows the results of 2005 yet. Unfortunately, police remain the main target of the separatists in Chechnya and other North-Caucasian regions.

The crime rate in the Army testifies to instability in Russian society. To date 7,445 crimes have been committed in the Army; 445 servicemen have perished as a result of suicides, accidents and crimes. The Defense Ministry reports that suicides are the main cause of servicemen’s deaths – 126 servicemen have committed suicide since the start of the year (28%).

The ministry states that ten servicemen have perished as a result of barracks hazing (2%). In addition, 119 people (27%) have perished in traffic accidents; 43 servicemen have been killed by civilians; 112 servicemen (25%) have perished as a result of accidents; 17 people have perished as a result of negligence; 11 people misused weapons; seven servicemen have perished owing to some other reasons.

The Defense Ministry states that the share of deaths caused by accidents goes down. This year the number of servicemen who have perished as a result of crimes and accidents has decreased 22%. The share of suicides has decreased 36%. Meanwhile, this phenomenon remains the leader in the Russian Army.