Russian generals are very much alarmed by the new document of the alliance

Defense Minister Marshal Igor Sergeev reported that Russia is to amend its national military doctrine, taking into account some clauses of the new strategic concept of NATO, which was approved at the summit of the alliance, organized last weekend in Washington. According to Marshal Sergeev, Moscow is concerned about two clauses of this document, which speak about the “possibility of using NATO forces outside of the zone of its responsibility in the whole Euro-Atlantic area without UN authorization”.

Sergeev stressed that amendments to the Russian military doctrine would deal not only with the strategic deterrence forces, but also with conventional forces. This is only the beginning of the actions which the Russian leadership might take to counteract threats to national security.

Due to this, Senior Deputy Chief of the General Staff Colonel General Valery Manilov gave an exclusive interview to the author of this article.

Question: What is your opinion about the situation development in the Balkans?

Manilov: I consider the situation in the Balkans to be critically dangerous not only for Yugoslavia and other countries of the region, but also for the whole international community. NATO combat operations against Yugoslavia without UN sanction have destroyed the system of collective security which was formed after World War II. NATO currently acts as an aggressor. According to the official Yugoslav information, the bombing of the country, which has been going on for more than a month, has resulted in deaths of more than 500 people, wounding of around 4,000 civilians, and the loss of more than $40 billion for the economy.

Ecological catastrophe is very likely not only for Yugoslavia, but also for the bordering nations. For example, from attacks on the oil and coal enterprises of Yugoslavia large fires have developed, as a result of which much soot and carbon oxide is discharged into the atmosphere. We cannot rule out that raising of hundreds of tons of toxic products of combustion to the altitude of 3,000 meters might result in their spreading for several thousand kilometers.

To repair the consequences of the aggression, the country’s population will have to work for five years, while NATO has failed to achieve a single military objective. NATO wished to destroy the air defense of the country, but the air defense is still combat-ready, which is demonstrated by the reliable information about the downed aircraft and missiles of the alliance.

Yugoslav armed forces remain almost invulnerable and combat-ready.

Thus, NATO wished to act as a peacekeeper and human rights protector, but in reality violated many international norms and values. Almost 100,000 Yugoslav people, who had worked at the enterprises, bombed by the NATO aviation, were deprived of the right to work. About 800,000 refugees and residents of destroyed houses lost the right for housing. Liquidation of the TV and radio broadcasting centers deprived millions of Yugoslav people of the right to receive information.

Question: But everything looks different from Washington and Brussels. US and its allies accuse Milosevic of genocide of the Albanian population. At the recent summit, dedicated to the fiftieth anniversary of NATO, conducted in Washington, the statement was released unanimously, which says that the crisis in Kosovo represents a “fundamental challenge” to the alliance’s values. This statement is supported by many other countries, including the countries of the CIS. How we are to understand this?

Answer: When the war is going on, one cannot make hasty conclusions. I think that the exodus of the population from Kosovo, both Albanians and Serbs, is primarily the result of the large-scale bombing of the province. Milosevic was not against the peaceful resolving of the Kosovo problem, but he is against the presence of NATO forces in the province. NATO aggression was started when big possibilities for solving of the problem by diplomatic methods remained. Russian leadership has often announced this. However today we are not heard. It is quite clear why we are not heard.

There is economic crisis in Russia. Of course, there will always be such attitude towards the week. United States are developing dynamically. They have spare money, and, probably, it is easier to spend it on war, than on the other purposes. At present the US practically dominate in NATO. Unfortunately, many countries depend on it economically, that is why we see that not only the remote foreign countries, but also some former Soviet republics, wish to joint NATO.

Question: Probably these republics wish to join NATO also because they see the guarantees of their sovereignty in the alliance’s operations. Leaders of the Baltic republics frankly speak about this, and Azerbaijan and Georgia hint at this.

Answer: For support of the sovereignty and fulfillment of the other peacekeeping tasks there are the mechanisms, defined by the UN documents. Meanwhile, the US and NATO have practically denied this at their recent summit. According to the provisions of the new strategic concept of NATO, approved during the alliance’s summit in Washington, use of forces without the UN sanctions and outside of the alliance’s zone of responsibility is stipulated. This demonstrates that the new doctrine legalized the actual priority of the military factor for building of the world system and resolving of conflicts.

Question: What will be the Russia’s response actions?

Answer: I think that the provisions of the currently developed military doctrine of the country will be revised. This will influence not only the strategic deterrence forces, but conventional forces as well. Of course, for fulfillment of this task additional assignments are needed, and I hope that they will be found.

Renewal of the weapons of Strategic Missile Forces will be activated. First of all this refers to adoption of new Topol-M missile systems. This work was already started. Development of the complex of stationary-based Topol systems has reached the level, which enables us to start the gradual increase of their group. We cannot rule out that Topol missiles will be equipped with the MIRV. We are increasing the number of units of permanent readiness in the Ground Forces. The united group of the CIS Air Defense Forces is being formed and reinforced. Armed forces of Russia and Belarus are being actively integrated.

We will also continue taking of other measures, which, I hope, will help Russia to strengthen its defense potential.