Izvestia, June 1, 2001, p. 1

A representative of the General Prosecutor’s Office in the North Caucasus, who preferred to remain anonymous, said yesterday that pro-Kadyrov circles in Moscow are putting pressure on a group of investigators in charge of the Idrisov case, demanding that the case be cancelled. The former prime minister of Chechnya has spent a week in detention in Rostov-on-don, and investigators say “the suspect’s views about the gravity of his situation have evolved substantially”.

In addition to crimes linked with embezzlement of state funds, Idrisov is charged with organizing a criminal group which kidnapped people and funded the separatists. Idrisov participated in negotiations with abductors concerning the release of a hostage for ransom. According to our sources, the hostage sued Idrisov after his release and charged him with making a deal with the abductors.

According to our sources at the General Prosecutor’s Office, the Idrisov case is part of another criminal case launched in 1996 against people who are no less well-known. According to one theory, Idrisov is charged with misappropriating state funds in 1996 and 1997, when he was the prime minister in Yandarbiev’s government (Idrisov is related to Yandarbiev). According to another theory, Idrisov was arrested in connection with the embezzlement of funds allocated for agriculture in Chechnya.


Izvestia, June 1, 2001, p. 4

The visit of a Japanese delegation to the Russian Far East has not been a waste of time for Japan. Japan will be able to receive the first consignment of Russian oil from Sakhalin. However, this does not mean that such supplies will be continual.

The first consignment (650,000 barrels) is to arrive in Japan in mid-June according to a contract signed by Sakhalin Energy and Fuji Sekyu.

Until now, Sakhalin oil has been exported to China, Korea and the US. However, these deliveries were not substantial.


Tribuna, June 1, 2001, p. 2

Victor Chernomyrdin has arrived in Kiev. He told journalists that he is glad to take up the appointment to Ukraine. He likes the Ukrainian people and Ukrainian traditions. He promises to learn the Ukrainian language. Chernomyrdin has delivered his credentials to President Leonid Kuchma of Ukraine.

Chernomyrdin met with Russian diplomats and inspected his office. He will have to establish relations with the new Ukrainian government. Chernomyrdin called on Anatoly Kinakh and congratulated him with his appointment as prime minister.

In the near future the Russian ambassador will meet with the Ukrainian prime minister, the speaker of the Ukrainian parliament, and top officials at the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry and other ministries.


Parlamentskaya Gazeta, June 1, 2001, p. 2

A Federation Council delegation headed by Yegor Stroev has visited Switzerland and met with Klaus Schwab, President of the World Economic Forum. The meeting lasted over an hour. Stroev spoke with journalists after the meeting. Speaking of the issues discussed at the meeting, Stroev noted that Russia and Switzerland intend to boost cooperation in order to resolve problems which the international community faces.

In addition, both parties discussed an upcoming international forum in St. Petersburg. Stroev invited Schwab to the economic forum and proposed to create a joint forum which will discuss all issues in global economic development. Stroev was primarily referring to globalization. In addition, Stroev and Schwab discussed relations between the European and Pacific economic communities. Russia could become a transport link between these areas, using the Baikal-Amur railway and the West Siberian railway. These rail lines could link Europe and Asia and facilitate their development.