Novaya Gazeta, December 6-12, 2001, p. 2

Last Saturday President Putin dismissed commander of the Northern Fleet Vyacheslav Popov, head of the Navy Staff Mikhail Motsak, head of he main commandment Nikolai Mikheev, head of the Navy emergency and rescue department Gennady Verich and other top-ranking Navy officials. The most interesting thing is that the Defense Ministry immediately lied to journalists and said that the dismissals had nothing to do with the Kursk submarine disaster.

In fact, after the tragic disaster of the Kursk submarine admirals Kuroyedov, Motsak, Popov, Verich, and others tried to present themselves as heroes and proved to Putin and journalists that they had done everything possible to save the Kursk.

However, they constantly lied. For instance, Admiral Gennady Verich told the government and the relatives of the crewmembers for many months that the fleet rescue service could do nothing to save the crew, as the Russian fleet had never had the special equipment and trained personnel to help people get out of the submarine. According to him, this is the reason why the crew perished, and that is why only a foreign company could raise the Kursk from the sea floor, for a very large sum. In fact, there was a rescue diving service at the fleet that had been destroyed by Admiral Verich himself: he had described it as redundant. The unique rescue equipment was sold off to private firms or sunk in the Barents Sea. This is only one example of admirals’ lies; they are concealing their own incompetence and responsibility for the death of the Kursk crew.