253, October 8, 2001, 18:00

Igor Dygalo, Aide to the Commander-in-Chief of the Russian Navy, said that the Kursk nuclear submarine would be docked to the Giant-4 barge in the near future. After that the Barge and the submarine will be tugged to the Roslyakovo plant.

Representatives of the company Smit Inc. confirmed this statement. To date the submarine is a few meters from the bottom of the barge. Representatives of the Norwegian company said that the barge has heaved to drift ten miles from the site of the crash.

Meanwhile, the leaders of the operation have announced some details of the operation. In particular, they said that the cut between the first and second compartments will be covered with a kapron net three millimeters thick. It will protect the submarine from diverse substances. After this, the submarine will be docked to the barge.

The check of all systems of the barge will take 2.5 hours.

Admiral Motsak said that the submarine would arrive in Roslyakovo on Wednesday at 12:00 Moscow time.