Aleksei Svirin Moskovskaya Pravda, January 15, 2001

Specialists of the international foundation submit their project of salvaging the Kursk from the seabed. Academician Igor Spassky of the Rubin says that the operation will take place in July-August and cost about $70 million. The Kursk is to be cut into pieces which will be lifted separately.

Admiral Mikhail Barskov, Navy Deputy Commander-in-Chief and one of the top managers of the Kursk International Foundation, says two nuances worry specialists – 22 guided missiles and a nuclear reactor which was supposedly shutdown in the first minutes following the catastrophe. “We have complete understanding with our Western partners on technical matters and on the subject of confidentiality,” Barskov said.

Spassky does not rule out the possibility that we will never know what caused the tragedy. Investigation will take time and the results are not guaranteed